What to wear on cam

Finding the right clothes as a cam girl is crucial. As a beginner, it can get confusing to figure out the right choices while still wanting to stay within the budget

Newsflash – You do not need expensive lingerie or outfits for drawing in viewers if you play your cards to your strengths. 

It is more than likely that your wardrobe is already ready to go, and you just need a few more additions. Short dresses, miniskirts, sexy nightwear is something that most girls already tend to have in their closet. Even heels are not considered essential, as many tend to go barefoot, depending on the show that the models are putting on and the niche.

Here is a complete guide on the perfrect cam girl wardrobe.

What to wear as a cam girl

When you are working as a cam girl, many unusual requests will come your way. However, these are some the most common ones that are requested, and it will pay to be prepared for them:

  • Suggestive lingerie
  • Skimpy bikinis
  • Micro miniskirts, tight trousers, shorts
  • Tights with suspenders
  • Skintight catsuits
  • Corsets
  • G-strings
  • Leather and Latex
  • Roleplay costumes – schoolgirl, policewoman, nurse, cheerleader, maid, teacher, secretary

Have two to three outfits ready to go. Finding the right outfit for the kind of show you are putting on is the first step to getting popular and getting views. We have prepared a list of dream outfits that will work in most situations and can get you kick-started for the race to the top!

Sexy lingerie

An outfit that plays up your skin with beautiful lingerie is arguably the best. Although you don’t always have to appear in underwear, you can always wear a shirt with many buttons to give a show or semi-transparent clothing. There is no shortage of the options available in the market; you can go with a bralette that can be as revealing as you’d like, lace set complete with harness and garters, it really helps to toy with audiences’ arousal.

Cosplay or costumes

Some spectators prefer roleplays and themed outfits. With maid and schoolgirl being the most popular, complete your look with the right accessories to give your viewers an authentic experience. Shoes are not necessarily required since you will be sitting while filming. However, pairing your outfit with high socks can make your legs look longer and sexier. You can even add lace lingerie peeking from underneath to give viewers’ eyes something to snack on!

Other popular costumes include cheerleaders, complete with pompoms and pigtails. You can also be a strict officer or a teacher trying to punish bad boys with a bold red lip. Accessorize with a baton or a scale to complete the look.

Casual clothes

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need sexy clothes all the time; you can also get away with wearing a fitted top, skirts, and shorts, something that really flatters your body shape and stuff that you feel comfortable in. However, remember that this is a business, and it is your job; you cannot just roll out of the bed and record in pajamas.

Any outfit needs planning, with complimentary makeup, accessories, and the surety that whatever you put on is appealing. The viewers love models who put in the work, doll up just for them, it makes them fall in love with you, and they would want to watch you as much as possible.

Goth or emo cam girl outfits

Audiences don’t always comprise of people who don’t have anything better to do; there can be serious-minded professionals, too, tuning in to unwind and connect with a girl with darker makeup, with an air of mystery and seriousness surrounding her. Being confident and appearing a bit dangerous is also a big turn-on for viewers that prefers the goth niche.

Combine dark outfits with a bold lip, vampy eye makeup, and chunky boots. You can also add in a red, straight wig, a hat, or a dainty mask that you will typically be carrying if you were attending a masquerade party.


This is a very specific niche where models are few, and the demand is steadily increasing. Many do request anime outfits, but models may not be equipped to pull it off. However, if you nail it, the tips are impressive with a surety of repeat requests. You don’t need to be a fan or need to have detailed knowledge; just a slight understanding of how they behave and what attracts the audience towards them is needed.

Internet stores are filled with anime costumes that can require a little DIY effort to make it sexier. It also needs a natural but heavily blushed-up makeup look; watching a few tutorials will set you up for a nice start.

Girly and flirty

If most of your audience is men, you can also be incredibly feminine with manicured nails, dainty makeup, pumps, and a cute dress that almost makes you look fragile or soft. Shorts or a playful jumpsuit can also work, but to really make a girly look work for you, you need to nail the makeup and accessories too.

Hardcore outfits

For the S&M fantasy fanatics, you can invest in latex and leather outfits, complete with whips and paddle. There are great options like a leather mesh, skirt, pants, or even a domination outfit to really commit to the niche.

Best colours for camming outfits

There is no set rule book or a sure-shot formula when it comes to selecting colors. However, there are some that are synonymous with seduction and sex, black and red being the front runners. Test out a couple of options and select those that go well with your skin tone and facial features. For example, a lighter skin model will benefit from wearing bright red or blue, but on a darker tone, fuchsia or warmer tones will really pop. If you are going for flirty or anime, then pastels will be your best bet.

Camgirl hairstyles

You can have multiple wigs to completely transform your look and really bring the outfit home. Braids, ponytails, and pigtails are also cute and sexy. On a simple outfit, where you want to appear effortlessly appealing, you can wear your hair down, style it straight or in bouncy, beachy waves, or even put it into a messy bun.

Camgirl makeup

Depending on your niche and the type of audiences you wish to attract, you will need to modify the makeup as per the market. For example, the US has a trend of being more heavier-handed with makeup with a full face of foundation and smokey eyes, but for Asians and French, they prefer letting their skin show through with very minimal makeup and a bright lip.

Whatever you ultimately choose, ensure that it is translating well onto the camera as under lighting and through different lenses, makeup can appear different.


As said, heels may not be mandatory, but they sure tie the look together, and not to mention, it makes your derrière look amazing! Heels may not be visible, but they correct your posture, make your legs more slender, and helps to sell the fantasy better in case the camera happens to capture the footwear.

Tips for the best webcam outfits

  • The key is to be imaginative and creative. However, whatever the choice may be, ensure that it is easy to take off. Viewers are not going to stick around if you take longer than a few minutes, as being patient is not one of the strongest suits for many people, especially in this field.
  • The clothing should always show off your assets, not completely cover them! Give your audience a reason to stick around and throw tips at.
  • When it is suitable, prefer using bright colors, such as blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, and you can also go for red! A little black dress every now and then also does not hurt, but brighter colors that succeed in attracting attention fast are more inviting and playful.
  • You do not need to shell out for expensive clothes to succeed as a cam girl. As things get steamy, you will be taking them off anyways. There is no logic in spending the dollars when they do not equate to more tips or views between maintaining variety and keeping things hot. At the end of the day, the make or break factor will be your personality and how well you are able to perform.
  • Mix ‘n’ match it up! When you want to rotate clothes, make sure you do it expertly. There is nothing wrong with it, but you never want to appear repetitive. If you have bought a new pair of crop tops, you can pair them with your old thigh-high boots or heels or skirt. You can do your hair and makeup differently to steal focus away from old outfits and divert it onto your best features!

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